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Black Eye Coffee's Kickstarter-Funded Mural Is Done

Early April, Black Eye Coffee, a seven month old coffee shop in the Highlands neighborhood, set out to put its stamp on the building it calls home by decorating one of the exterior walls with a mural. The mural was to portray a bare-knuckled boxer fighting a kangaroo and the funding for it was to come from the community through a Kickstarter campaign.

The ambitious idea took off and the Kickstarter campaign raised more than $6,000 for this project. "We contributed a bit ourselves for it, but we raised most of the money from the community and business owners in the area," Ali Elman, one of the owners of the coffee shop said.

The artist who executed the mural is Larry Polzin of Stargazer Creations. Polzin has been doing sign and mural work for over thirty years, specializing in antiquing his work to make it look like it has been on a wall for decades, which is exactly what the mural at Black Eye Coffee was about. The artist has also painted the Prima Tower three times and has worked on many projects in Blackhawk and Central City.

Mural aside, Black Eye Coffee has several new things in store for guests, from its juicing program to its baking program and, very soon, other attractions.

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Black Eye Coffee

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