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Little Owl Will Start Brewing in LoDo Tomorrow

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Little Owl Coffee
Little Owl Coffee
Photo: Penamora Photo LLC

Denver's coffee scene is hot and it is about to get hotter with the opening of Little Owl, a new coffee shop located at 1555 Blake Street. This new addition to the Sugar Cube building will provide coffee fanatics with a carefully crafted espresso menu brewed with locally-roasted Corvus Coffee beans.

"I live downtown and always look for a great cup of coffee within walking distance," owner Seanna Forey said. "After Happy Coffee moved to South Broadway, it became more challenging to find a great espresso nearby, so I knew LoDo was where my coffee shop had to be located," she added.

Forey leased out a small but mighty 380 square foot space that can accommodate eight guests sitting inside and another eight on the patio. Designed in collaboration with Roth Sheppard Architects, the diminutive space is modern and it boasts a standing espresso bar for those inclined to enjoy their caffeine quickly.

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