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Brace Yourself: Greasy Spoons Week Is Here!

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Grab a cup of coffee or ten and get ready: Greasy Spoons Week is here! All week long, all across the Eater universe, we'll be celebrating iconic greasy spoons of today and yesterday with maps, guides, stories, and more. We're talking decades-old holes-in-the-wall where everyone's a regular, vintage dining car diners where the menu is strung up on paper plates above the counter, cheap spots you go when you want a gigantic stack of pancakes and virtually a whole pig on the side.

We'd love your input on your favorite greasy spoons around town. Where do you go when you're dying for a bacon, egg, and cheese? Where can you find the best French toast? A special club sandwich feature is on the way later in the week, so don't be afraid to share your thoughts on what makes the perfect club and where to find it. Want to get in touch? Just leave a comment on any Greasy Spoons Week post, hit up the tipline or the social media on Facebook or Twitter.