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Fancy Grease: the Breakfast Burrito at Corner House

When you think of greasy spoons, the no-brainer is always diners, but the world of deliriously satisfying greasy food stretches far beyond them. For Eater's Greasy Spoons Week, a few unexpected fancier, if you wish, dishes were selected to be featured each day.

Corner House's Breakfast Burrito is a giant decadent combination of Polidori chorizo, scrambled eggs, red potatoes, cheddar cheese, and a special green chile made in house. The tortilla-wrapped concoction gets topped with more green chile, lime creme, and Fresno chili pico de gallo. A vegetarian version is available.

The restaurant launched the burrito as a breakfast item, but it quickly became a favorite for lunch and dinner as well so it remained on the menu even after breakfast service was discontinued. Chef Selby gets a giggle out of guests ordering the breakfast burrito for dinner alongside a delicate foie gras dish.

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Corner House

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