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ACE Is Hot On Fridays, Serving 500 Guests Eager for Food, Booze, and Ping-Pong

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Ace on a Friday night
Ace on a Friday night
Photo: Adam Larkey

ACE, the ever-buzzing ping-pong hall and restaurant in Uptown, is almost one year old and the crowds keep seeking it out for its vibe and rhythm, crafted cocktails, and flavorful Asian-inspired food. In a large space outfitted with a variety of recycled and reused materials, including Chinese shipping containers, old barn wood, and weathered picket fence material, ACE serves 500 guests on a regular Friday night.

The kitchen, led by chef Brandon Biederman, goes non-stop serving on average 80 orders of crispy Brussels sprouts (think a whole 40 pounds), 1,100 pieces of dim sum, around 500 bao buns in a variety of preparations, and 130 orders of tiger wings - just about 1,040 individual wings- at 2 wings per bird, you do the math!

The ping pong is rocking hard on the weekend and that comes with incidental costs: 100 ping pong balls leave the Ace building, either with guests or out on to 17th every Friday night. The average 300 ping pong players burn somewhere around 75,000 calories combined on Fridays while also improving hand-eye coordination, and grinning non-stop.

The grinning may also have something to do with the drinks consumed at the bar led by Randy Layman. With the 150 Ace Ales, the 90 assorted Highballs, 50 Suntory Times (shot of Yamazaki 12 Year Whiskey with an iced coffee back), 80 shots of Evan Williams Black Label, and more, guests stay well-hydrated and perfectly buzzed. Committed to house-made ingredients, the bar at ACE juices 50 pounds of raw ginger for the Ace Ginger Soda every week.

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