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Black Sheep Bagels and Bialy Now at Crema, Treis, a NYC-Style Deli to Open Soon

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If you drive by Crema Coffee House at 4 in the morning and the lights are on, you should know that the only party happening there is a bagel party. Most nights, Eden Myles of Black Sheep Bagel and Bialy is baking his bagels one-by-one, each by hand, from the popular coffee shop's kitchen. The finished product - bagels and beyond- can be enjoyed at Crema, but also at other local restaurants including Masterpiece Deli, West End Tap House, Old Major, and Park Burger (specialty rolls). Eden plans to add more variety in his baking to be sold wholesale to several accounts in Denver but he also promises that in the near future he will open Treis, a traditional NYC style deli with a twist either in the RiNo neighborhood or in Berkeley.

Eden's love for food started growing up - his father is a chef in Chicago- and the passion for baking was born in California. During the four years spent as a manager of a three acre California vineyard, the winter months were quiet. To occupy his time, he took his father's advice and tried cooking. A classically trained French baker became his mentor and the more Myles learned from him, the more he fell in love with the craft. As he worked on perfecting each kind of break, his mentor asked him to find the dough that matches his personality. That is how he chose the bagel.

When Eden moved to Denver, he took a job at the Bagel Deli, a family-owned and operated kosher deli located at 942 S Monaco Parkway. Several months of bagel-making later, the owner of the popular bagel place said to Eden, "Ok- time to go off on your own." That push landed him at Marczcyk Fine Food where he helped polish the store's bakery program. The opportunity to bake at Crema was irresistible though and that is how Black Sheep Bagel and Bialy was born. "I am not trying to create a NYC bagel," Eden confides. "What I make is a Denver bagel because that is where we are; my style resembles more a Polish bagel than anything else - it is more like a bread than a NYC bagel," he adds.

Eden's next venture, Treis, will be a partnership with his friend Jordan Weinstein who owns Proper Barbershop, a modern barbershop committed to the old craft. "Treis is the opposite of kosher," Eden says. "It will be a traditional NYC style deli with a twist, a sort of declaration of independence of a place torn between the old ways and new ways," he adds. Torn he is about the best neighborhood for this joint, but the options are limited- RiNo or Berkeley. Stay tuned for more details.

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Crema Coffee House

2862 Larimer St Denver, CO 80205