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The Latest Change in Highlands Square: Boa Restaurant Closed Its Doors For Good

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The Highlands Square, a concentration of retail and restaurant businesses located around 32nd and Lowell, continues its rapid change. Boa, an eclectic Asian-Mexican restaurant located at 3464 W. 32nd Avenue, shuttered on August 15. The restaurant announced the closure on its Facebook page:

After Five wonderful years at Boa will close our doors effective this week. We have been honored to have met so many wonderful people, and really appreciated all the joy you have brought to both our lives. We have been blessed with tour support of our Business and are forever grateful to your support over the years. We will always consider you part of our Boa's family. Stay tuned you just never know what can happen in the FUTURE!! Liz & Jules!!

Only a day later, a notice of seizure for non-payment of taxes was posted on the door. The space looks untouched since the closure of the eatery, but soon enough there will be another "For Lease" sign up, less than a block away from the former Common Grounds space, also available for a new business.
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3464 W. 32nd Avenue, Denver CO