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Unrelenting Rain and Flooding Cause Closures in Boulder and Beyond; Some Stay Open

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A massive rain and major flood is causing extensive damage and in Boulder and beyond. Several events have been canceled and many restaurants have decided to close today. Some, however, decided to stay open and are happy to feed the community and neighbors. This list will be updated throughout the day as more restaurants confirm being open or closed today.

Frasca Food and Wine
Pizzeria Locale Boulder
Leaf Vegetarian Restaurant
Black Cat
Bramble & Hare
Chatauqua Dining Hall
Drakes Haus
Flagstaff House Restaurant
Upslope Brewing Company
Pasta Vino (at lunch only, open for dinner)
Ozo Coffee (all locations)
Boxcar Coffee Roasters
Kim & Jake's Cakes
Comida (Longmont location)
Ideal Market - closing at 4 p.m.

Civic Center Eats


OAK at fourteenth
Café Aion
The Kitchen
The Kitchen Next Door
The Kitchen Upstairs
Mateo: Restaurant Provençal
The Med
Pasta Vino (open for dinner)

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