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The Early Word on Harman's Eat & Drink

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 Harman's Eat & Drink
Harman's Eat & Drink
Photo: Adam Larkey

A little over two months ago, Harman's Eat & Drink opened for business in Cherry Creek. Owner Mark Fischer reworked the now-closed Phat Thai into a new concept. To lead the kitchen and deliver the new American eatery, Fischer brought in chef John Little who previously cooked at the Pullman in Glenwood Springs. The restaurant received a tough review from the Denver Post last week, but people aren't done with it just yet. Here's the early word on Harman's Eat & Drink.

The Offical Review News: The Denver Post food critic William Porter reviewed Harman's Eat & Drink and was not a huge fan. "So the kitchen at Harman's needs work. Not a makeover, not sweeping changes, but some tweaking of dishes and closer attention to them. I hope they sort things out, because Cherry Creek North could use another restaurant with creativity and ambition." [DP]

The Chef News: Cafe Society interviewed chef John Little and learned what his favorite cookbook is and more. "Culinary Artistry, my favorite book, is compiled by some incredible chefs who focus on a lot more than just recipes: They talk about balancing acidity, seasonality and other important aspects." [Cafe Society]

The Dessert News: Food blogger, Denveater, was impressed with the sweet and savory dessert. "Harman's dessert of cake-batter ice cream drizzled in rum caramel, topped with cinnamon-sugar-sprinkled, deep-fried pork rinds and bathed in a compote of blueberries & chunks of golden-skinned pork belly—whew—is its own kind of triumph: cool & soft, warm & crunchy, the pork fat melting into the ice cream (or vice versa) amid bursts of fresh fruit." [Denveater]

The Cocktail News: On Urbanspoon a fan raved about the cocktails: "For cocktails I had The Lou -- which was quite tasty as well as the Sex on 2nd, which is a champagne type drink - very good and bubbly! If you haven't tried it out yet, definitely give it a shot, especially if you are in the area. You won't be disappointed." [Urbanspoon]

The Facebook News: A Facebooker took to posting about how much they enjoyed their dinner: "So good tonight. Well done. The porchetta over quinoa grits was amazing. Great job. Service was perfect as well, mad props to Sam, Jamo and Chip." [Facebook]

The Negative Opentable News: A reviewer on Opentable was not impressed but has not written Harman's Food & Drink off just yet. "We didn't care much for our lamb reuben and the hamburger was over done. We had to tell the waiter twice we did not want the special pulled pork sandwich and then that is what he brought. Might try it again for something else." [Opentable]

The Ordering News: Thrillist gives you the run down on what you must order at Harman's Food and Drink. Thrillist suggests starting with the truffled pork rinds and ending with the cake batter ice cream. [Thrillist]

The Yelper News: A Yelper enjoyed the space and staff: "Harman's is a really big, open restaurant with indoor seating, community table seating, bar seating, window seating, and outdoor seating. Whatever you like, there's a seat for you. The wait staff are friendly, helpful, and willing to make a suggestion based on your preferences for a cocktail or a meal."[Yelp]

— By Kelsey Colt

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Harman's Eat & Drink

2900 E Second Ave, Denver CO 8026