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The Renovation That Started Ste. Ellie: Colt & Gray Reopens Tonight

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After closing for just over a week to accommodate its new expansion, Colt & Gray reopens for dinner tonight with 28 to 32 new seats and a new dining room that makes for a quiet, intimate dining space. The wall has been knocked out where the old bar used to end, and a long hallway of seating now stretches across the front of the restaurant, leading into a large dining room around the corner. "This is an insular, private dining space. If someone wants a 10-top, we can do that now," says Beverage Director Kevin Burke.

The expansion of the restaurant is in the corner building on Platte Street where an old bank was doing business. "This is what started the whole project," Burke says, referring to the construction below where Colt & Gray will soon open its new speakeasy Ste. Ellie and cured meats concept Viande. Opening for these venues is still about 6 weeks out, estimates Burke.

Colt & Gray resumes its regular hours this evening and opens at 5 p.m. For more information visit the Colt & Gray Website.

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