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The Early Word on The Truffle Table

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The Truffle Table
The Truffle Table
Photo: Facebook

Cozy and personable cheese-centric restaurant the Truffle Table opened its doors a little over three months ago in the former Cellar Wine Bar space in LoHi. Since opening, the restaurant began to gain a steady and loyal following of diners. Owners Karin and Rob Lawler of the Truffle Cheese Shop expanded their brand with the restaurant and now provide tastings, pairings, and educational evenings to the LoHi neighborhood. While major publications have yet to review the eatery, people have had a lot to say- all of it very good. Here's the early word on the Truffle Table.

The Official Early News: 5280 magazine was blown away by general manager and cheesemonger Miguel Vera's knowledge of cheese and wine. "Any time someone can talk Mondeuse (a blending grape from Savoie, France) or describe Piedmont's Castelmagno cheese as a cross between bananas and lager, I'm sold," Stacey Brugeman notes. [5280]

The Space News: Westword explains the ambience of the Truffle Table. "The space, with its elevated ceilings, weathered wooden floors and marble-topped community table, doesn't look all that different from its predecessor, the Cellar Wine Bar, save for a new coat of moss-green paint and a few new design elements -- a kaleidoscopic collage of cheese wrappers, for example -- that serve as a reminder that you're in bona fide cheese country." [Cafe Society]

The Food News: A satisfied customer posted on Facebook about their time and service at the Truffle Table. "Enjoyed visiting your shop while visiting Denver! Special shout out to Lauren for her help and for sharing some Co. cheeses with this East Coast monger." [Facebook]

The Staff News: Crickett Burns left the Squeaky Bean behind to join the Truffle Table team, reports Cafe Society. Burns explains that it was not an easy decision, "I'm caught somewhere dancing in the streets and wanting to cry in a corner and throw up." [Cafe Society]

The Grilled Cheese News: A huge fan went to Twitter to express their love: "the best grilled cheese in all the land." [Twitter]

The Yelper News: On Yelp a reviewer retold their experience: "I tried the Truffle Table last night and was really impressed with the service and the food. The menu is simple; they stick with what they know--cheese! We had the buratta which came with peach jam, tomatoes and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes for little kick. Great dish. The other thing we tried was a cheese and charcuterie plate with three of each. I thought I was pretty well versed in cheese, but most of the options (20+) were new to me. We relied on our server and loved what we got. The wine list is Euro-centric, which I like. I will be back!" [Yelp]

The Foursquare Tip News: A Foursquare user gave their advice after their trip to the Truffle Table. "Let your cheesemonger guide you, they make great recommendations!" [Foursquare]

— By Kelsey Colt

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The Truffle Table

2556 15th St Denver, CO 80211