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Chef Driven, a PBS Series Starring Restaurateur Frank Bonanno, Premieres on Sunday January 26

Chef Driven: Frank Bonanno with Chris Gregory and Todd Leopold
Chef Driven: Frank Bonanno with Chris Gregory and Todd Leopold
Photo: Facebook

Just as Frank Bonanno gets ready to button up a space and menu for Salt & Grinder, Chef Driven, his new TV series, will make its debut on PBS affiliate Colorado Public Television (KBDI Channel 12). In five episodes, the Denver-based chef who already has ten ventures open (Mizuna, Luca d'Italia, and the Green Russell among them) will give viewers a glimpse into the lives and crafts of some of Colorado's most notable farmers, ranchers, bakers, brewers and distillers.

Bonanno traveled across Colorado's Front Range and cooked along the way, using ingredients from each of the destinations he visits. Among those featured in the show are GrassRoots Meats and Pagosa Brewing in Pagosa Springs and Denver's Ellen Daehnick, owner of Hellimae's Handcrafted Caramels.

"As a chef, I make choices everyday about where I'm sourcing products," Bonanno says. "It always comes down to quality for me. I'm continually amazed by the exceptional local products and ingredients that are available," Bonanno said in a press release.

The teaser/promo for the show is available here.

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