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Have You Tried the Snowball, A Drink Dubbed Colorado's 'Signature' Cocktail?

Colorado's "Signature" Cocktail
Colorado's "Signature" Cocktail
Photo: Buzzfeed

In a puzzling 50 state listicle yesterday, Buzzfeed announced to the world that Colorado's "signature" cocktail is the Snowball. A fraternity house worthy mix, this drink is a combination of vodka, Fresca (yes, Fresca), and lime juice.

But wait, there is an explanation: "The interesting combo of vodka and lemonade is also popular in the U.K., but this combo of Colorado Premium Vodka and Fresca makes this drink uniquely Coloradan." Bonus: you can get the recipe for this masterpiece that defines our state's cocktail scene.

Colorado is home to tens of distilleries, many of which make award-winning spirits. Bartenders like Sean Kenyon and Bryan Dayton represent Colorado on the national scene and continue to get recognized for their craft. From the mountains to Boulder and Denver, we have Justice Snow's, the Bitter Bar, the Green Russell, and Ste. Ellie, not to mention Williams & Graham, Oak at Fourteenth, and Acorn. Our restaurants from Frasca Food and Wine to Steuben's, Linger, RootDown, and Colt & Gray have fabulous cocktail programs and none of them feature the Snowball.

Two years ago, the Colorado Distillers Guild and the Colorado Bartenders Guild (along with co-sponsors Westword and MCA Denver) hosted the Colorado Cocktail Contest with the goal of creating a signature Centennial State cocktail. Bartender Marnie Ward of Denver's Avenue Grill won that challenge with the Tree Line, a cocktail that features Leopold Brothers' Small Batch Whiskey and Herbal Liqueur. The recipe includes Bing cherries, lemon juice, and simple syrup. And while the whole world may not know about this, a Google search brings it up pretty easily.

What do you think should be Colorado's signature cocktail?

P.S. No matter what you think of the Snowball, query why the White Russian in the photo is trying to masquerade as Fresca, lime juice, and vodka.

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