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Ska Brewing Brews Another Beer With Swedish Brewery For First-Ever Collaboration Beer Fest

Last week, Ska Brewing hosted brewers from Sweden's Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri at its World Headquarters in Durango. Lars "Lasse" Ericsson and Marcus Wärme traveled to Colorado to brew a collaborative beer with Ska, a White IPA called Wipa Snapa, a hybrid of the Belgian witbier and India Pale Ale styles.

This collaboration comes less than a year after Ska traveled to Nynäshamns, a city south of Stockholm, to brew a collaborative beer there called Skatkobben. The beer will be poured this March at the Colorado Brewers Guild's inaugural Collaboration Fest.

As part of the Lovibond Series, the Colorado Brewers Guild presents more than 20 collaboration beers between Colorado breweries and their friends. In addition to the Wipa Snapa, included in the lineup are a beer from the Denver Beer Triangle— Renegade, Wit's End, Strange, TRVE, Black Sky, Breckenridge— as well as a collaboration between the brand new Former Future and Station 26 breweries.

"Collaboration Fest was created to showcase the camaraderie between craft brewers near and far," says manager of the Colorado Brewer's Guild Steve Kurowski. "The idea of working with another brewers to create a special beer just for this event is truly unique, I'm pretty sure this is the only event of it's kind in the country and probably the world."

Collaboration Fest also includes several break-out sessions about craft beer and food, and two ticket options that range from $50 to $80. It takes place at the Curtis Hotel on Saturday, March 22 from 3 to 7 p.m. Click here for the complete list of beers and tickets.

"You know that moment at a music festival when one of your favorite musicians joins another great band on stage?" Dave Thibodeau, Ska Brewing's President and Co-Founder asks. "I think that's what excites people about collaboration beers in general, and this is the only festival in the world where you're going to see dozens of those kinds of beers all in one place at one time. There are around 100 breweries that have created beers specifically for this event, and just like with live music, it's only going to happen this way once. That makes it kind of a can't-miss event for craft beer-lovers."

Ska and Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri Collaboration [Photo: Steve Kurowski]

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