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Voodoo Wedding: Couple Weds at the East Colfax Doughnut Shop

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If you needed more proof of the madness that the Denver location of Voodoo Doughnut has created, here it is: the East Colfax doughnut shop has hosted its first wedding, KGW reported. On Saturday, January 4 at exactly 1:14 p.m. (1-4-14 at 1:14), the Portland-based sweet shop hosted Chanti and Chris Hayes as they tied the knot.

Apparently, the couple did not plan on the date and time to match as it did, but that it happened that Voodoo would be open and ready for them then. Why choose Voodoo Doughnut as a location for the exchange of life-long vows? The duo said it best represents their family.

The doughnut shop opened its doors in December with limited hours. A grand opening is scheduled for January 15.

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