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The Bark Bar Bites Back

The Bark Bar is asking the Denver community to throw a bone to its cause.

The Bark Bar
The Bark Bar
Adam Larkey

The dog days of the Bark Bar just might be over. In a new initiative called "Bite Back! Save the Bark Bar!" the doggy park/beer bar is asking patrons to donate up to $25,000 to help the company fight off legal fees. The bar is working through zoning and licensing issues that could close up the spot for good.

Though the concept of bringing Fido and Duke the bar has been celebrated by many, some local neighborhood residents have complained about the Bark Bar being too, well, barky.

Right now it's not clear what the ultimate fate of the Bark Bar will be. The establishment is asking its "pawesome" supporters to rally behind their cause so that dogs and humans can continue to enjoy the concept for years to come.

Can't a dog catch a break? Life's ruff.

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