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Denver Diner Temporarily Frozen by Flames

The classic Denver diner located off Speer and Colfax is closed due to a fire.

Denver Diner
Denver Diner
Adam Larkey

After more than two decades of service, Denverites have come to expect the Denver Diner to be open for business 24/7, until a fire shattered those expectations. On Sunday, October 12, that fire caused damage to the kitchen and roof of the space. The flames also sent two firefighters to the hospital with minor injuries.

An on-site visitor described the space as "a diner frozen in time," noting that the space must have cleared out fast, with full plates of food being left out during the evacuation. Owner George Skordos, in business with the diner since 1991, is likely relieved (along with much of the Denver population) that the damage does not seem too bad; a sign taped to the door on October 12 indicates that the restaurant will re-welcome guests "as soon as possible."

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