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Throwback Thursday: Distilling Brothers Todd and Scott Leopold

This is how brothers and business duo Todd and Scott Leopold looked 15 years ago when they were just launching their business.

Todd and Scott Leopold
Todd and Scott Leopold
Leopold Bros.
Leopold Bros. is likely the most beloved distillery in Colorado. Known for its unwavering commitment to quality and keen ability to concentrate flavors in its product, the company is run by brothers Todd and Scott Leopold.

In the middle of its second decade in business, Leopold Bros. is only weeks away from unveiling a brand new, state-of-the-art facility located at 5285 Joliet Street. In the meantime, the two brothers posted this throwback photo from 15 years ago on the company's Facebook page with the caption below.
15 years ago today, our little family shop opened in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We started as a brewpub, and served only three unfiltered lagers that first week--an Oktoberfest, a Red Lager, and a Schwarzbier. We eventually began distilling, as we had already fallen in love with the art of fermentation.

Since then, we have moved locations twice, and now make 20 different spirits that can be found at places like Whole Foods in London, England, or the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan, Italy. You can even find our spirits in Moscow. Quite the journey!

We wanted to take a moment and thank all of our supporters----from bartenders & spirit shop advocates, to employees that we have been lucky enough to work with over these many years. You have given our family a lifetime of joy, and we are forever grateful for that.

So, raise a glass, and celebrate our 15th Anniversary with us!

Cheers, Scott & Todd Leopold, and the Leopold Family