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Leña Adds Latin Flavor to Broadway

The two month old restaurant owned by Jimmy Callahan is both eclectic and authentic at the same time. Guests fill the dining room to try the variety of meats cooked in the wood-fired oven and the unique Mexican-inspired cocktails.

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Adam Larkey

Broadway and South Broadway is already home to many great eateries and bars, but its arms were wide open as it welcomed Leña, a new Latin American eatery to its neighborhood. While owner Jimmy Callahan and chef Toby Prout have high hopes for their future at the new rustic space, what does the future hold? Here's the first word.

The Neighborhood News: Located off of Broadway near Ellsworth, Leña has a great "walkability factor" and is in close proximity to other tempting offerings. Though this means more competition, Leña is one of a kind for the area. Owner Jimmy Callahan is excited about his new neighbors: "I love the fact that we're not by ourselves." Given Leña's sudden popularity, loneliness is not a foreseeable woe. [Cafe Society]

The "Rustic Yet Classy" Vibe News: The vibe at Leña is worth mention to Yelpers and Zagat writers alike. [YelpChef Toby Prout referred to the space as "rustic yet classy," paying tribute to tin ceilings, copper and mahogany wood tones, and communal tables. [Zagat]

The Asado News: "Leña" directly translates to "firewood" in Spanish; clearly, this is a restaurant whose name was inspired by its cooking methods. The open flame, asado-style cooking method for many of the dishes is strategic not only in technique but also in that we can't do it at home! Food blog Denver Tidbits notes that the cuisine definitely does showcase its "wood-fired flair." [Tidbits]

The Bland Food News: More Yelpers than not took notice of Leña's varying levels of authenticity and flavor, depending on the dish. Though the octopus ceviche, blood sausage and yucca bread are sure to please, other dishes are not so lucky. Commenters and diners alike are hoping that the culinary team just needed time to iron out the kinks before presenting the final, flavorful recipes. [Yelp]

The 'I Like It' News: Though Urban Spooners have not yet given Leña the verbal accolades it may deserve, 88% of users have voted 'I Like It'. We like that! [Urban Spoon]

The Making Headlines News: With the team coming from a spot as successful and raved-about as Prohibition, all eyes are on Leña during its first months open. Thrillist poised the space to receive even more attention, adding it to its list of "10 New Denver Restaurants You Need to Check Out Right Now." [Thrillist]

The @Denveater News: Popular Denver food writer Ruth Tobias (@Denveater) showcased Leña's albondigas de pato in a series of photos entitled "Best of 2014." [Twitter]

The Authentic Booze News: Traditional Latin cocktails (think palomas and caipirinhas) and food-centric wine pairings constitute the drink list at Leña. In other words, your favorite drink from abroad is now your Denver reality. [Zagat]

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