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From Cutting Ribbons to Baguettes: The Transformation of Openings

The cutting-edge trend is sweeping Denver, one chain fast-casual opening at a time.

Pizzeria Locale's dough cutting ceremony in the Highland
Pizzeria Locale's dough cutting ceremony in the Highland

With the multitude of restaurant openings in Denver comes a multitude of opening ceremonies. With a multitude of opening ceremonies come a multitude of ribbons to be cut-- or in this case no ribbons, but various food items.

Wait, what? Gone are the days of red silk ribbons falling to the ground, breaths of anticipation exhaled as one clean snip slices the ribbon in two. Future opening attendees can expect to see nutritious and delicious sustenance being ripped apart to commemorate the openness of new institutions.

Earlier this month, Pizzeria Locale opened its newest outpost in the Highland with a dough cutting ceremony. Last week, the California-born LYFE Kitchen chain opened its Boulder eatery with a sprout-cutting ceremony.

Panera Bread being the newest outlet to subject itself to the craze. Tomorrow, October 22, the newest location of the chain of bakery-café enters the scene in LoDo with a baguette cutting ceremony. All this talk about food cutting, one can't help but to think about the consequences if a new charcuterie outlet were to open soon. Cheese cutting ceremony, anyone?