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Root Down + Highpoint Creamery: "Sexy Grown Up Flavors"

What do you get when you combine a pastry chef with a neighborhood ice cream shoppe? A sweet collaboration.

Highpoint Creamery
Highpoint Creamery

Highpoint Creamery arrived to Denver's Hilltop neighborhood earlier this year. Owner Erika Thomas said they chose to open up the shop in Denver because of its collaborative spirit. "People come together and make really cool and interesting things, especially with food-we thought, why not collaborate with other chefs?" Consequently, the artisanal ice cream shoppe recently launched their first Guest Chef Series with Root Down pastry chef Samm Sherman.

The partnership yielded two exceptional flavors created by Sherman and produced by Highpoint. First, one of Root Down's most popular desserts has been transformed into ice cream. The flavor is appropriately named Root Down's Banana Creme Brulee Pie. The second flavor, Cherry Miso Chocolate Chip, was created when Root Down owner Justin Cucci suggested a miso, cherry, and chocolate ice cream. Chef Sherman describes the Cherry Miso flavor as her favorite amongst the two, saying "it's salty and sweet, a sexy grown up flavor."

Both flavors are now scooping in the shop and available in to go pints. Additionally, both are currently being served at Root Down.

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