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Ink! Coffee Will Open in RiNo On December 1

A new coffee shop and roaster is sprouting on Larimer Street, just across the street from the popular Crema Coffee House/

Ink! on Larimer Street
Ink! on Larimer Street

Since April, Ink Coffee Co. has worked on transforming the space that it will call home at 28th and Larimer Street in the RiNo neighborhood. This eleventh location of the Aspen-born company will open its doors on December 1. The 5,000 square foot space, with an additional 3,000 square feet outside will serve as "HOME" for its roastery and headquarters.

Keith Herbert or "Herbie" as known in the industry, CEO and founder of Ink!, says he is very excited to be moving into this already well-served, growing coffee cultured neighborhood. "Denver is growing at such a rapid pace, and this is exactly what we need for the coffee scene here. All the big coffee cities have roaster/retailer locations; Seattle, Portland, Brooklyn and San Francisco. We are looking to help make RiNo a similar coffee destination."

Along with having two distinct coffee roasters at the HOME location and a full cafe, we will also be hosting cupping demonstrations and coffee seminars directly with farmers, pushing and pulling single-origin aeropress and espresso, and more.

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