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Snarf's Expands With a Gunbarrel Sandwich Shop

Since 1996, Snarf's has gained a bit of a cult following; now, the cult expands.

Snarf's in The Highlands
Snarf's in The Highlands

At the beginning of the year, Snarf's founder Jim Seidel divulged his expansion plans and the physical spaces the Boulder-based sandwich shop hopes to occupy. "I don't like to be cookie cutter," Seidel said. "I like to revive existing spaces and bring in different design elements that reflect the local personality."

This philosophy is likely to stay true as Seidel and company expand with an outpost in Gunbarrel at 6560 Lookout Road. Lovers of Snarf's can rejoice from locations far and wide: by 2018, a whopping 50 locations are projected to sprout up nationwide.

Snarf's newest Mile High spot in the Highlands at 38th and Sheridan is slated begin slaying the sandwich game in the end of November or beginning of December.