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The "Always Packed" Casa Alvarez in Boulder Is Now Closed

The former Mexican restaurant's space at 3161 Walnut Street is currently listed by owners as "available immediately."

The late Casa Alvarez
The late Casa Alvarez
Boston Chomper

Twenty-year-old veteran Mexican restaurant Casa Alvarez has officially shuttered its service, the Daily Camera reported. The unexpected shutdown surprised long-time diners and neighbors alike: "We were just here last week!" Nobody seems to know what caused the doors to close. One thing's for sure: it wasn't for lack of attention. Having become some of the most highly talked-about Mexican food in Boulder, the cuisine, service and pricing were consistently prime.

Sunday saw the restaurant divulge the big news via Facebook "with a heavy heart," but did not cite a reason for Walnut Street's newest vacancy. There is one hope, though: word on the street is their award-winning chili will soon be available at a store near you.