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WINNER: 2 Tickets to the Great American Beer Festival

We have a winner in the giveaway for two tickets to the sold out Great American Beer Festival, Friday session.

On Wednesday, Eater offered readers the opportunity to enter into a giveaway for two tickets to the Great American Beer Festival, the Friday session, courtesy of Visit Denver. Participants had to take the interactive beer quiz launched as part of Denver Beer Fest, share the result in the comments, and tell us why they should be the winner of the tickets.

The lucky Hop Head who will attend the sudsy festivities tonight is MChase500. Here's what he said:

Hello Hophead

You live for the bitter, the resinous, the earthy, and even sometimes the floral qualities of fresh hopped, dry-hopped, and hop-forward brews. The best beer for you is one that celebrates the harvest’s bounty.

I’ll agree, I do like some blue moon, but stouts and porters are where is at.I would love to go and take my awesome girlfriend and take in all the great beer my new state of Colorado has to offer. (Just moved here after finishing my time in the Army).

For those with no tickets but still an appetite for beer-related activities, here are some suggestions:

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