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Brewers Association Announces Launch of Online Beer and Food Course

During a luncheon for the Great American Beer Festival, a new culinary curriculum on was unveiled.

Brewers Association

Beer aficionados and restaurant industry professionals now have a new way to learn about craft beer and its place in the culinary scene through an online course just announced by the Brewers Association. At a luncheon for the Great American Beer Festival, the beer and food course at went live today, offering an in-depth syllabus to pairing food and beer, as well as being a unified and one-stop resource for craft beer education.

Co-authored by certified cicerone Julia Herz and chef Adam Dulye, a Culinary Institute of America graduate, the instruction encompasses four days of lectures covering everything from the history of craft beer to the brewing process, and identifying flavor profiles to designing a beer dinner. Additionally, the course provides for tasting and pairing sessions.

"The lexicon was all over the place, and pairing is so personal, backed by preference and not science—this guide is aimed to change that," says Herz, who is also the craft beer program director for the Brewers Association, a homebrewer, and BJCP beer judge.Screen_Shot_2014-10-03_at_2.06.45_PM.0.png

"It is designed to be the definitive beer and food pairing course," says Herz. Anyone can download the free lectures and readings, though the course is geared toward culinary institutions and beer educators and ultimately for institutions to adopt for curriculum. The final day's written exam is only available for accredited instructors and dedicated educators by request.

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