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Cerebral Brewing Secures Colfax Space

The one year project has been transformed from a casual conversation to a full-blown business.

When mad scientist Chris Washenberger and company began their real estate search for the up-and-coming Cerebral Brewing Co., there was only one place he wanted to be: the old Galaxie auto body building. Having lived a block away for years, it became symbolic and "demanded to be a brewery" -- his brewery.

Cerebral Brewing Co. seems to be entering the right space at the right time - surrounding areas of already booming Colfax have been undergoing facelifts, and it turned out their Monroe Street corner was intending to do the same. Denver and its suburbs have indeed seen a recent, maybe unintentional trend of transforming old auto shop buildings into eateries and markets adored by many for their eccentricities and quirks.

This particular 4,000 square-foot "slab of concrete" will, according to plan, be transformed into an "amazing brewery and fantastic taproom." Cerebral will focus on producing Belgian- and English-inspired beers using tools form Portland Kettle Works.

The lease was officially signed on October 27, but this has been in the making since winter 2013. Despite much anticipation, Washenberger acknowledges, "we have a long way to go and a tight budget to get there." But we're hopeful; it wouldn't be the first time success was found by some passionate guys with great beer, and it certainly won't be the last.