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Royal, A New Burger Bar, Will Open in Berkeley

Burgers, salads, shakes, and fries are coming to Royal, a new venture by the owner of Jelly.


The space where Royal, Epps' new burger bar, is set to open in Spring 2015

Josh Epps, owner of popular Denver breakfast restaurant Jelly, is slated to open a new burger bar, Cafe Society reports. The eatery, called Royal, will open in the Berkeley neighborhood alongside a myriad of other additions to Tennyson Street, a blossoming bud in the Denver dining world. No more than 35 or 40 seats will grace Royal's space. The owner hopes to make the space small and focused on filling the need he and his family have personally felt: quality burgers, salads and shakes in the Berkeley neighborhood. Look for Royal's doors to pop open Spring 2015.

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