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Yelp Strikes Again: Hummingbirds at Rioja

One of the best-worst reviews of the LoDo restaurant in which a confused Yelper talks about rivers, mountains, and hummingbirds — and a bad waitress named Sherry.

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Courtesy of Rioja

If you've ever been to Rioja, chef Jennifer Jasinski's flagship restaurant in Larimer Square, you know that there are no hummingbirds, no river, and no mountain visible from the dining room. An eager Yelper confused the LoDo restaurant with one he or she had a poor experience at and left the rant below on Rioja's page.

The review was flagged and reported as inaccurate by PR consultant John Imbergamo with no success. Yelp's reply? "[...] We rely on community engagement to help keep Yelp useful, and although we didn't agree that this content should come down, we appreciate you bringing it to our attention."

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