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FERMÆNTRA Grand Opening Brings Craft Brews to DU Neighborhood

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Over a year of planning, demolition and construction has been invested into the space.


Local brewers and owners of the up-and-coming FERMÆNTRA, Spencer O'Bryan and Brennan Mann, have dedicated their recent weeks to filling the beer lines with creative craft beers. A touch of American craftsmanship in collaboration with Belgian, English and German style beers will create the lineup at the new brewery and tap room.

Both men hold a reverence for beer and intend to collaborate the spectrum of both artsy and scientific aspects to create beers for novice and veteran craft drinkers alike. Not only are they passionate about brewing beer, they are passionate about interesting others in the field as well; the brewery and tap room were designed with the immersive experience of guests in mind.

The space, designed from reclaimed materials, infuses a sense of craftsmanship into a warm and comfortable atmosphere. This atmosphere is sure to entice crowds when the brewery officially opens its doors at noon on Saturday, November 15. To help kick-off the opening, Texorado BBQ food truck will camp out in front of the brewery and sling beer's favorite companion —great BBQ food— during the event.

FERMÆNTRA's space is located in South Denver at 1715 East Evans Avenue.