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Flashback: The Best Election Campaign Videos You Haven't Seen

If you are going through withdrawal from campaign ads, these two should provide an easy transition.

Governor Hickenlooper sharing a beer with President Obama
Governor Hickenlooper sharing a beer with President Obama

A week ago, millions of Americans sighed collectively of relief as the TV election campaign ads came to an end. A red wave, shellacking, and all sorts of theories tried to explain the results of the midterm elections. There is one result though that is so Colorado that beer just may be the best explanation: the reelection of Governor John Hickenlooper, a former brewer and bar owner.

Here's what Marty Jones, a household name in Colorado's beer world, had to say:

I am certain about who did swing the election to (hooray!) Governor Hick: Colorado craft brewers and craft beer lovers.

Hick won by 22,000 votes. There about 230 craft breweries in the state.

All it took was a mere 96 brewery staffers and customers from each brewery to put our beloved ex-brewer back in the mansion. Easily done!

Say hello to the state’s newest and most influential -- and tasty -- political force.

Hick Yeah!

Two spoof "campaign" spots were created by Jones in anticipation of the election. Here they are to bring back softer memories of the TV ads.