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Austin Welcomes Infinite Monkey Theorem

Denver's original urban winery is expanding out of state.

Infinite Monkey Theorem
Infinite Monkey Theorem

Austin, Texas is welcoming a Denver company into their urban winery scene, according to the Denver Post. Infinite Monkey Theorem, which started off in an alley off Santa Fe Drive, will open one of Austin's first urban wineries next spring. The owner, Ben Parsons, is credited with leading a revolution in wine-making by offering an array of wines in kegs and cans, as well as traditional bottles. This effort is rooted in his desire to make good wine available to the masses.

Why Austin? Well, according to Parsons, "Texas is another exciting emerging wine region and we see a lot of potential for the Infinite Monkey Theorem to play an innovative role in its growth." The new facility will be housed in a former mechanics workshop, measuring 6,000 square feet. It will include a tasting room and kegging facility, and like the Denver winery, it will use locally harvested grapes. This second location is sure to grow the winery's national presence in the wine-kegging industry.

The Infinite Monkey Theorem

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