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Here's The 411 on Sunnyside Burger Bar

And the results are in! Some food writers are praising Sunnyside Burger Bar, Yelpers are less impressed.

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Sunnyside Burger Bar
Sunnyside Burger Bar
Adam Larkey

The Old-School to New-School News: The contemporary burger bar used to house a gritty pizza parlor. The new spot has been considerably revamped and now features soaring lumbered ceilings, ebony-hued park benches, a wall mural with verdant lettuce leaves, a "sexy" centerfold bar that's smack-dab in the middle, and in true Denver fashion, garage doors. [Zagat]

The Gastronome's Dream News: While many of the burgers were tasty, 5280 dining reporter Justin De La Rosa said the standout burger is the "Hangover," which arrives at your table "dripping with yolk and glistening with grease." The potato and seed-laden bun adds a firmness to each bite, he says, while the runny egg yolk is "a creamy complement to the savory flavors of roasted green chile and thick-cut bacon." [5280]

The Booze News: Yep, that's a slim jim in your cocktail. Forget traditional drink stirrers. At Sunnyside, some of the drink stirrers are slim jims. Besides this funky twist, 303 Magazine reported that the cocktail program is "exceptional." Also noted, boozy milkshakes. [303 Magazine]

The Weird Ordering News: There are multiple Yelp comments about the restaurant's layout. The general idea is that you order a drink, then wait in line to place your food order. Many Yelpers are not on board with the idea. One Yelper says that the layout must have been designed by a guy who just wanted a "damn beer while he waited for his food," others, however, were less kind in their descriptions. [Yelp]

The Best Burgers News: A North Denver Tribune reporter said that the burgers at Sunnyside are some of the best she's had lately. Service and traffic flow, on the other hand, need a little TLC. [North Denver Tribune]

The Happy Hour(s) News: One Happy Hour just isn't enough. This place has two happy hours from 3 to 6 p.m. and 9 to close daily. No food options are currently available, but they have a select list of rotating craft beers that all run for $3. [Highland Denver]

The "I Wanted to Love You" News: One Yelper just may have had his heart a little broken by his just average experience at Sunnyside. "I wanted to be gushing with praise like you were a summer blockbuster," he said. But instead, his experience was simply mediocre. Noted: an incorrect burger to bun ratio; delicious burgers but small portions; yummy appetizers and onion rings. [Yelp]

The Check-in News: Foursquare users who have checked into the burger bar raved about the boozy milkshakes and the awesome patio. [Foursquare]

The Green Goddess News: 5280 reported on green goddess dressing food trend. Diners can find it at Sunnyside, served as a dip for its crudités platter, or it can be ordered as a side for the fried pickles or onion rings. [5280]