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Grey Cactus Cocina Y Bar Opens In Wash Park

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The former Cafe Bar is now a modern Mexican cantina.

Grey Cactus Cocina Bar
Grey Cactus Cocina Bar
Andra Zeppelin

In October, Dane Huguley closed the doors to his three year old Cafe Bar in Wash Park. Last weekend, Grey Cactus Y Cocina Bar, a casual modern Mexican cantina, launched in the same space at 295 South Pennsylvania.

Huguley brought in chef Christopher Scott who spent the last two years cooking at Z Cuisine and the years before at Vert Kitchen, to run the cooking operations. Scott is excited to bring "affordable and fun Mexican food to the neighborhood." To create his menu, he tapped into knowledge from cooking lessons he took with local Mexican cooks and culinary experiences he had while traveling in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The space has been transformed but mostly with cosmetic touches: two graffiti murals were added to the dining areas, tables in the main dining room are now a different color, several light fixtures were added, and red stools are now an accent in the bar space. Come back tomorrow for a full look at the space.

In the meantime, here's what's on the menu.

Grey Cactus Cocina Y Bar is open seven nights a week for dinner and on for brunch on weekends.