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Silvi's Kitchen, Former Udi's Cafe, Closes on Colfax

The family-owned group will reopen a new concept in the space that once housed Encore.

Silvi's Kitchen
Silvi's Kitchen
Lori Midson

On Wednesday, November 26, Silvi's Kitchen located in the Lowenstein Theater Complex, shuttered. The restaurant and pizzeria, which opened in February 2013 as Udi's Pizza Cafe & Bar, changed its name this summer following a rebrand mandated by a multimillion dollar sale to Boulder Brands.

In the same space located at 2550 East Colfax Avenue, the U Baron Group will open a new concept in February 2015. The space will receive an interior update and the reimagined concept will have a strong focus on the bar program.

The other location of Silvi's Kitchen in Glendale's CitySet, which opened in July 2013, will continue its regular operations. The closure on Colfax came as the U Group owners decided that rather than have two of the same concept in close geographical proximity, they would capitalize on the Glendale location for their guests and provide Denver diners with a new place to drink and dine on Colfax.