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Maitre D' Paul Attardi Joins Linger and Edible Beats

Attardi may be the most well-known maitre d' in Denver. After leaving Old Major earlier this year, he is back on the floor at this LoHi hotspot.

Courtesy of Linger

Last week, Paul Attardi, one of Denver's most seasoned and recognized front of the house professionals joined the Edible Beats family. The restaurant group, owned by chef Justin Cucci, includes Root Down and Linger, and the upcoming Vital Root on Tennyson Street and the yet-to-be-named new spot next door to Linger.

Attardi's resume includes, among others, a long tenure at Fruition and a stint at LoHi's Old Major.  "At Linger, I'll be able to foster my love of hospitality interacting with guests and ensuring service runs smoothly, and hope to do the same at Justin's other concepts," Attardi shares. "On top of loving the energy of his restaurants, I feel I can learn a lot from him."

The maitre d' started with his training last week and will continue in that role there, but that is not set in stone. "He might move around to the other new restaurants," says Justin Cucci. "We''ll see what the best place for him is. I certainly see him as an operations maitre d' for our restaurants."

Below, a photo of Paul Attardi with Katie O'Shea, one of the owners of Old Major.


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