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Jonesy's Will Become The Centennial Tavern on December 1

Beloved neighborhood eatery and bar, Jonesy's, is transforming into a new kind of tavern.

In less than a month, Jonesy's, the eatery and bar located at 400 E 20th Avenue, will gradually become the Centennial Tavern, in a nod to our state, Colorado. Gradual that is because, for the first year, the official name will be the Centennial Tavern at Jonesy's, in an attempt to make the transition smoother for regulars.

Owners Leigh Jones and Margaret Moore made the decision to change just as gradually. Over the summer, the two thought of the ways in which they can continue growing their business but also of ways to go back to the roots of what Jonesy's mission was. "We wanted to take Jonesy's to what we thought was a gastropub in the beginning, what they call a chat room, a community gathering place more than a restaurant," Leigh Jones explains.

Part of going back to that format involves shrinking the menu. The options for entrees will go down from about ten to about four. Cool seasonal rustic pizzas, the kind that eat more like a little meal, will be added to the selection and, of course, the famous fries and beloved mussels will remain staples of the menu. One area of the offerings that wont' shrink is the beers: there are 22 taps available to guests and the list keeps growing.

"The goal with the change is to take what we do really well, which is to be a community bar — a community tavern —and double-down on that. We want to be able to highlight that we are an affordable place to eat — two or three nights a week if you want to," she adds.

As for changes in the space, they will be discreet. The paint will get a little bit darker and there will be an extra tv here and there and small details brushed up on the bar, but no major remodels are planned until at least the spring. Jonesy's got a big facelift less than two years ago.

Jonesy's Eat Bar

400 E 20th Avenue, Denver, CO 80203 303 868 7473