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Bar 1 Is Born Inside Larimer Square's Green Russell

A bar within a bar, you say? Exactly. Open on the weekends, Bar 1 offers quick service and a social atmosphere.

"As the world changes, we change," says Jacqueline Bonanno, creative director for Bonanno Concepts, the group that owns the Green Russell. This week, the popular underground bar located in Larimer Square saw a transformation: The first room — and first portion of the bar — became Bar 1, a casual cocktail bar open on Friday and Saturday nights.

The physical changes to what was the first part of the Green Russell are visible: The bar stools were removed and so was the banquette/booth that sat across the bar. In their place, cabaret tables were added for a standing-room only space that can accommodate groups and individuals alike with quick service, a casual and social atmosphere, without the barteding showmanship.

Bar 1 can easily be the perfect spot for waiting for a seat at the Green Russell with one of 40 daily batched cocktails offered in hand. It can also be just a destination of its own for those cocktails or a limited selection of beers and wines.

Note: The Green Russell no longer takes reservations. Guests may call ahead and get on a wait list, but formal reservations are no longer an option.

Green Russell

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