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Extravagant Gingerbread Houses Ring In The Season

Bigger is better in this case.

Your typical DIY gingerbread house kit purchased at a supermarket usually produces a modest gingerbread shack. Two of Colorado's premier resorts, the St. Regis in Aspen and the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, are not messing around when it comes to gingerbread. They take the traditional gingerbread house to a whole new level of holiday spirit.

The Broadmoor is celebrating the holiday season with a 50 square foot chateaux-themed gingerbread house. Forget traditional playhouses; children can play inside this very gingerbread house!

In Aspen, the St. Regis created an entire replica of the hotel made out of gingerbread. The 100-pound masterpiece was revealed on Thanksgiving Day. It's two feet tall, stretches 12 feet long, and took more than 250 hours for the pastry team to construct. The gingerbread "resort" will remain on display throughout the festive season.