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Boulder Development Plans Displaces Ras Kassa's and Cafe Food

Aspen Plaza on 30th and Pearl in Boulder was sold to a Denver-based development group to create "Pearl Place," displacing a dozen businesses including Cafe Food and Ras Kassa's.

Ras Kassa's
Ras Kassa's

As uncovered last week, Aspen Plaza at 2095 30th Street in Boulder was sold to a Denver-based development firm that has submitted plans for "Pearl Place," which will include a large, campus with 330,000 square feet.

The plaza near 30th and Pearl, displaces a dozen businesses, which includes restaurants Ras Kassa's Ethiopian and Cafe Food - which both have been open for 25 and 21 years, respectively.

Cafe Food opted to close last week, amidst a sad reaction from the community. Ras Kassa's is still considering options: whether it will relocate or just call it quits is still to be decided. One thing is certain, this location of the quarter century old restaurant will close on January 19. The owners are in negotiations for a new location for the restaurant, in hopes that can continue their legacy.