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Denver's Most Expensive Steak: Wagyu at EDGE

Executive chef Simon Purvis is the mastermind behind the menu at the Downtown restaurant.

At $200 for a 6 ounce portion, the new 100% Japanese A5 Wagyu steak at EDGE may be the most expensive piece of meat in Denver, if not Colorado. The math brings each ounce to more than $33 before tax, and tip and for that price this piece of beef brings some bells and whistles.

Guests who order the prized steak will receive the calf's papers, certifying its validity- that's right. The Wagyu will be accompanied on the plate by three seasonal side dishes. The dish highlights an incredible piece of meat for those who enjoy the finer things. Many seek out this red meat for its smooth texture, marble pattern, and overall complex flavor. These are the things that make Wagyu the most prized of all steak and this particular Wagyu, from Miyazaki, one of the most prized Wagyu of all.

For reservation information and details about the menu, visit the restaurant's website here.

EDGE Restaurant & Bar

1111 14th Street, , CO 80202 (303) 389-3050 Visit Website