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Meow! The Third Cat Café in the United States Opens in Denver

There are 6 resident cats at the new spot in the Berkeley neighborhood. xzcvbg

Denver Cat Company, the first cat café in Denver and only the third in the United States, has opened its doors to the public this morning in the Berkeley neighborhood at 3929 Tennyson Street. The business is owned by Sana Hamelin, a now-recovering lawyer, who made a swift career change from a big law firm to owning her own business focused around felines.

What exactly is a cat café? It is a new kind of venue, popularized in Japan, where guests can get a cup of coffee, work on their computer, and hang out with the resident cats. Speaking of the cats, there are six of them that have joined this cat café all from partner shelter Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue. Two more will be added to the mix.

The space that was once occupied by a high-end modern baby boutique is now both quirky and cozy. There are several high tops in the entry way, some regular tables along a blue-accented wall, and comfy chairs and couches for cats and humans alike to enjoy. Walls, some of them painted a brick-hued orange, are covered in bookcases and art from Ashley Joone, Sina March, Michael O'Dona, three local artists. Their pieces can be purchased by guests.

In a retail section, there is jewelry, books, craft items, stationary, and other items that you would expect to find in a gift shop. Two different local craft-makers are featured: Brian Shapiro whose handmade leather goods are now available here and Sustainability, an organization that works with people with disabilities to create items from recycled materials like that cool cat dolls now available for sale.

There is, of course, coffee which comes from Solar Roast, a local business, muffins and other baked goods from Golden Triangle shop Martine's Muffins, tea from Celestial Seasonings Tea, and other beverages.

The cat café will be open daily starting at 9 a.m. Monday through Saturday and at 12 p.m. on Sunday. For more information, call or visit the café's website.