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Mizu Out of New LoHi Building, Space Is Up For Grabs

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The Japanese restaurant exited the project that will also house a new tapas eatery from restaurateur Justin Cucci.

2930 Umatilla
2930 Umatilla
Courtesy of Gravitas

Back in May, Hong Jian Lee, who operates East Moon Asian Bistro & Sushi in Westminster, announced plans to open a restaurant in LoHi. Mizu was supposed to be a "contemporary Japanese restaurant with a full sushi bar and lounge that'll be open late and boast a young and hip atmosphere."

The space in which Mizu was slated to operate, located at 2930 Umatilla, is now back on the market. A joint agreement between Mizu's ownership and Gravitas Development Group was reached to sever ties.

A new eatery is sought for the 1,900 square foot space that features a state-of-the-art retractable wall along a west-facing patio. The building is owned by Gravitas, the group behind the Shipping Container Building home to Work & Class and Cart-Driver in RiNo. A tapas-inspired eatery from restaurateur Justin Cucci will occupy the fifth floor of the building that borders Linger and Little Man Ice Cream.