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Devil's Food Plans A Coffee Shop On the Same Block

By March next year, a new addition to the Devil's Food family will open its doors.

Future home of Myrtle Hill
Future home of Myrtle Hill
Andra Zeppelin

The popular casual eatery on Old South Gaylord, Devil's Food, will open a new attraction just a few of doors down from its current space. Myrtle Hill, a coffee shop and bakery, will live at 1004 South Gaylord in a space that previously housed an eye-framing and gallery business.

The plan is to move the retail bakery and coffee counter that are currently in the space to the coffee shop and concentrate on growing the restaurant side of Devil's Food. The  coffee shop will have a casual hangout feel where guests can enjoy a chat with a friend but also bring a laptop and work.

The anticipated opening is March.

Devil's Food

1020 S Gaylord Street, Denver, CO 80209 303 733 7448