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Pizzeria Locale Rocks the Sweets on the Cooking Channel

This edition of Unique Sweets turned to Colorado's favorite pizzeria for a spotlight on its desserts.

Pizzeria Locale in Boulder
Pizzeria Locale in Boulder

Featured on the same episode as Glaze by Sasa's delectable Baum cakes, Pizzeria Locale divulged its own "Unique Sweets" on the popular Cooking Channel program. Unique Sweets, dedicated to highlighting head-turning desserts nationwide, dove further into three popular desserts at the Boulder pizzeria. Those highlighted include the seasonal biscotti and butterscotch budino, though the saltimbocca stole the show with its gooey, chocolate-hazelnut-filled pizza dough.

These desserts will undoubtedly incite sweet cravings from viewers around the country; luckily for Coloradans, these treats are available in our own backyard. Pizzeria Locale's featured full service restaurant is in Boulder at 1730 Pearl Street, though the fast-casual concept at 550 Broadway in Denver does offer the sought-after budino. More information on the Colorado-centric episode, including upcoming showtimes, can be found here.

Pizzeria Locale

1730 Pearl Street, , CO 80302 (303) 442-3003 Visit Website

Pizzeria Locale

550 Broadway, , CO 80203 (720) 508-8828 Visit Website

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