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Conveyer Belt Sushi Coming Up at Jeff Osaka's Sushi Rama

2015 will be a busy year for chef Jeff Osaka.

Chef Jeff Osaka of the now defunct Twelve and upcoming Osaka Ramen plans to bring Kaiten sushi to Denver with Sushi Rama. The new RiNo restaurant, located at 2601 Larimer, will open early next year as a joint venture between the chef and developer Ken Wolf.

An American-made machine with Japanese technology will move Osaka's sushi creations around the space on a conveyor belt. The sushi carousel will allow guests to pick up their own dinner, in a mechanized dim-sum-like fashion. The final bill will be based on the number and type of plates of the consumed sushi.

Kaiten, a common fast food mechanism in Japan, is not always highly regarded but Osaka is a believer. "I think that it is a fun way to dine for a younger group of guests — the 25 to 35 hip crowd — plus the quality will be great," the chef explains.

The inspiration behind the name of the restaurant is the CineRamas of the 60's where movies were shown on a very large deeply curved screen. The interior space will match some of that 60's and 70s vibe, says Osaka, with a colorful hippie-like decor.