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Waffle Up Will Open on Tuesday in Baker

There is a variety of waffles to choose from both sweet to savory, along with coffee and more.

Waffle Up Mural
Waffle Up Mural
Andra Zeppelin

Four years ago, Tom McCarty, a local attorney, took a trip to Belgium that changed the course of his career. On Tuesday December 9, McCarty, along with partner Jasmine Spoonemore, will open Waffle Up. The Belgian waffle-focused eatery is located at 300 Elati Street, in the former home of the Humble Pie.

The business duo is no stranger to the waffle business: Nearly two years ago, the Waffle Up food truck took to the streets in Denver dishing out the recipe that McCarty tweaked and perfected ever since his return from the home of gaufres de Liège. "We are all about the waffle being authentic, which is why it took some work and some adjustments in the beginning - or for the first two years of recipe development" explains McCarty with humor.

Denverites liked the dough (not batter)-based creations made with pearl sugar and the truck gained a loyal following. And those who love it should fear but rather rejoice: The truck will continue to operate and now there's an additional physical location for these treats.

The space that houses Waffle Up is quaint yet modern with brick walls with white and orange accents and natural wood elements that warm up the space. There are 24 seats and the best ones are without a doubt around the counter where guests can observe the waffles being made.

On the menu are traditional waffles that can be adorned with whipped cream and cinnamon sugar and a selection of five savory and seven sweet waffle combos ranging from bacon and maple glaze (made with Tender Belly bacon) to the seasonal egg nog and toasted almonds. All toppings aside from Nutella are made in-house. Just don't ask for maple syrup; this is not that kind of waffle. Coffee comes from local roaster Corvus and is offered alongside a variety of other non-alcoholic beverages.

Waffle Up will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.