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New School Tapas, Progressive Art, Serious Cocktails: This Is The Early Word on Session Kitchen

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Session Kitchen
Session Kitchen
Photo: Emily Hutto

The idea of small plates and tapas is nothing new, but when Session Kitchen opened in October, it put a confusing portion-based spin on the concept, which has since been mercifully nixed. However, chef Scott Parker's menu is still divided into "sessions," drawing on globally and seasonally inspired cuisine with an emphasis on sharing. The Platt Park eatery has already won over local critics, but is there room for more tinkering? Here's the early word on Session Kitchen.

The Glowing Review News: The Denver Post food critic William Porter offered up a three-star review, calling Session Kitchen "one of the more exciting restaurants in Denver" and noted that for the Breckenridge-Wynkoop restaurant group this "is a game-changer." Regarding the food, "the star of the rotating appetizer menu were the pork belly kabobs." Porter concluded by stating: "I'll be making return trips to Session, no matter how long I have to circle the block for a parking space." [DP]

The Best Newcomer News: 303 Magazine picked Session Kitchen as Denver's best new restaurant of 2013. "From their intensely imaginative cocktail list to their deliciously hand crafted 'shareable' plates, this place is bound to amaze." [303]

The Eat-Your-Veggies News: Two Foursquare users called out the green side of the menu, with one advising, "Don't let the server talk you into dessert, the vegetable dishes are fabulous enough." The other found the Brussels sprouts to be "delicious." [Foursquare]

The Sorcery News: Session Kitchen made a magical impression on Thrillist, where the praise turned to cocktails. "Try the Smokey & the European, a Fall-inspired cocktail (bourbon, Green Chartreuse, amaro, smoked-applewood) that comes with the bonus of making you look like a damn sorcerer when you pour it out and unleash the steam trapped inside the jar in which it's served." [Thrillist]

The Burger Beef News: One Facebook user lamented a change in the menu. "What a shame! They had a real winner in the Brisket Bacon Burger. One of the best I had ever tasted and now it's gone from the menu. Current version is just average." [Facebook]

The Slow Service News: On Yelp, one user's criticism centered on service. "Sadly the biggest disappointment was in the service; the host stand being empty while diners arrived, servers spilling drinks on the tables, diners being bumped into by staff walking by and servers walking away mid-question from diners." [Yelp]

The Design News: Catch Carri blogger Lindsey Holliday praised the space and design elements. "What blew me away about this place (besides the food) is the atmosphere. It's huge! And the lighting is unlike any restaurant I have been to before [...] The lights are set to music and will change with the tempo of the song." [Catch Carri]

The Hot Seat News: 5280 Magazine food editor Amanda Faison provided a seating tip. "Nab a seat at the 10- to 12-seat Session Bar for a bar-within-a-bar experience. Patrons have a dedicated bartender, can order off the full menu, and sit up high enough to see the main floor in its entirety." [5280]

— By Ashley Hughes

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Session Kitchen

1518 S. Pearl St, Denver CO