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Former Denver Post Restaurant Critic Tucker Shaw Headed to America's Test Kitchen

Tucker Shaw, who served as restaurant critic for the Denver Post from 2005 until 2010, is the new executive editor at Cooks Country, a magazine published by America's Test Kitchen. Sister magazine to Cooks Illustrated, Cooks Country focuses on comfort American food providing readers not only with obsessively-tested recipes, but often with in-depth explanations on the cooking process. "It's about simple, great-tasting homemade food—Sunday dinners, potluck suppers, backyard barbecues, and even kids' birthday parties," the magazine's website explains.

Shaw's passion for food is no secret. Aside from serving as restaurant critic, the Maine native also edited the food section of Denver's newspaper until 2011 when he became the features editor.

What will Shaw miss the most about Denver? "Maybe Pizzeria Locale," he says. "Who knows though, maybe at some point they will follow me to Boston with a new location," he adds. "I will definitely visit. When I come back, to reset the body to Denver food, I will get a bowl of green chili at El Taco de Mexico."

In his new position at the Boston magazine, Shaw will spend a lot of his time with recipe testers, creating the narrative behind the recipes, putting each dish in historical and anthropological context. He will be at the Denver Post until February 14. His position as features editor will be taken over by Suzanne Brown.

Tucker Shaw [Photo: Corbis Images]

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