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Cold-Pressed Juice Cocktails: Gypsy Juice Raw Hits Denver

Gypsy Juice Raw
Gypsy Juice Raw
Photo: Facebook

Denver has a new cold-pressed juice company: Gypsy Juice Raw. As its name suggests, these gypsies don't have a particular part of town that they call home. Instead, the company plans to be available on Denver's restaurant menus. The first restaurant to serve Gypsy Juice is the soon-to-open Atticus on Evans.

Gypsy Juice will officially launch at Atticus' opening next week, and be available on the menu and in cocktails at the new restaurant. The lineup of raw, cold-pressed, unpasteurized juices from Gypsy currently includes ABC Juice called Roots Of Love made with apples, beets, and carrots; Galbi Juice with carrot, apple, turmeric, and ginger; and a green juice called Bon Vivant.

"Let food be thy medicine; medicine be thy food," recites Gypsy Juice co-owner Nikki Hazamy, who also jokes that whiskey was made for the Galbi Juice. This Hippocrates quote has become a mantra for Gypsy Juice "The juice itself is a life force," adds co-owner Donna Dempsey, who is just as excited about the health benefits of the juice as she is the cocktail program that's coming out at Atticus.

Expect to see Gypsy Juice on the street when Hazamy and Dempsey complete their licensing. Stay tuned on their Facebook page.

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